According to a study, periods cause 9 days of lost productivity a year!


It’s not periods causing this it is a very outdated culture which causes this.

I too lived in the period loathing world, denying it, using contraception so my period wouldn’t interrupt my ‘productivity.’

Using the language I had picked up from those around me;

‘My period is horrendous.’

‘I can’t function when I am on my period.’


I discovered the power of my period!

Yes, I experienced painful bleeds and would always ‘fight’ through them, determined not to be beaten by it.

I finally tuned into my cycle and read the book; Wild Power.

This sentence shifted my mind-set;

“On day one of your bleed you step away from who you think you should be and step towards the grandeur of your authentic self.”

I dedicated a year to get intimate with my cycle and discover the extraordinary creative force and guidance from it.

Day one is now no longer painful or horrendous. I celebrate it, never did I think I would say that about my period. It really is an inner compass, a divine source and it is a massive game changer in the world of work!

It is time to change our culture. Embrace the almighty bleed into the leadership of the world!

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