Who is She?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

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I question what is. I question the way we live. I question myself. I am not assigned to an agent or gallery, I represent myself.

I am an Artist in residence in my body as a Mother.

In 2003 my intuition called; study Art, she said.  I was 23. I jacked in my temping job. With no appropriate qualifications; namely ‘I couldn’t draw’, and applied for a Fine Art degree.

My ‘life experience’ sealed the deal. I got on. With a First-Class Honors (not bad for a school drop out) in my pocket and the belief of; if you become a Mother you won’t make it in the Art World, I was set! DON’T HAVE KIDS. 

Two children later, I was invited by my inner turmoil to experience Psychosis. I was convinced my daughter had been swapped. I felt no love for her. I disassociated by making myself VERY VERY BUSY, rather than seek medical help, for fear of  being 'locked up', medicated and a 'bad' mother. 

I felt shame for not following the social norm. I knew how to smile. I had witnessed the Mothers around me do it. So that's what I did. I smiled my way through. Hiding all the chaos within. 

Born under a veil of shame in 1982, thanks to two curious teenagers. Shame is my story. My art explores the pain of our shame. I was curious how and where I had hidden it within me. Join me as I journey within and investigate my soul. 

The Rebel Art Skool is a creative empowerment space for people seeking to step into their Sovereignty. Watch my Rebel Art Skool documentary Made in Womb here. If you are seeking empowerment head here.

I am a storyteller and deliver empowering and thought provoking speeches. Click here to find out more.

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