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Updated: Mar 2

To begin practicing your own medicine you will need;


Good listening

Remove all judgement of inner expression


Journal (and a pen of course)

A soul medicine guide

You see, you are your medicine.

Your body and soul is always speaking to you. Are you listening? Are you suppressing? Are you hoping an external figure will fix it?

I chose to live through what is termed post natal psychosis (I didn’t know it was this at the time) I call it, full on rejection of trying to fit in a good girl box, I’ve just given birth, tired of life and who the fuck am I?

There is rarely any dialogue about the spiritual transition you make post birth.

Here’s what I my body was telling me;

‘Your baby has been swapped, she isn’t yours.’

Here’s what my heart was telling me;

This will be an artwork which will be medicine for you and other people.

So I lived with what is labelled as ‘madness’.

I chose talking therapy, art, nature, introspection, spirituality, wild movement, singing loudly (in the car!)

Here’s what I discovered.

My rejection of my daughter was the abandonment wound I was carrying within myself. It was my invitation to heal.

Are you listening to your invitations?

What is your repetitive inner narrative?

A wound needs air to heal.

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