PMS ain't no syndrome


Because it isn't a DISORDER!

Sure there is a feeling of DIS ORDER within but this is the high way to the holy grail not to hell!

It is time to lay to rest these bullshit terms. Pull up a pew, grab a brew, let's talk.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome and Pre Menstrual Tension, AKA;

Inner Autumn

Here is what you are gonna meet;

'What the fuck am I doing?'

'I am an idiot.'

'I feel so lost and last week I felt such clarity.'

'Am I going mad.'

'Everyone can just fuck off.'

'I can't do this anymore, I am out.'

I am not denying there is tension. Inner conflict. Stuffing it down, hiding from it, then leaking it out over social media, family and friends. All the stuff we LOATHE and avoid, judging it as 'BAD'.

How do you know it is bad? Good and bad are bullshit too, but that's for another day!

What if; all the shit which rises are invitations for you to meet and heal yourself?

What if; all the shit which rises are your psychic powers for your people?

What if all the shit which rises is preparing you to receive extraordinary creative ideas during your inner winter (Days 25-1 approx)

Seriously, this shit is GOLDEN! Just like the fucking leaves falling from the trees.

So get ready to shed.

Get ready to bed.

Get ready to receive.

Get ready to love your autumn.

I get it. I loathed my inner autumn. I would try and keep the high vibes of my Inner Summer burning bright. It don't work. BURN OUT CAN NOT BE AVOIDED if you try and skip Autumn.

Every heart-led, soul business needs to be embracing the power of our menstrual POWER. You wanna save the planet, get in tune with our inner rhythms. NOW.

As a magician of the Menstrual cycle I offer divine 1:1 coaching. I teach you how to align with your menstrual cycle. I teach you how to tune into your intuition. I teach you how to be an extraordinary leader. You will be seen and heard in a way you have never been seen and heard before. This is my art and I am bloody brilliant at it.

Call me 07872070522 or email


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