Meeting my Bleed

I bleed. I bleed every month for 4 days. I bleed and do not die. I bleed and for so long I felt shame. I bleed and I use to find it a fucking inconvenience. I bleed and took a synthetic hormone for over 14 years to control it. I bleed and I felt intense pain almost every time. I bleed post birth and touched death. And still I ignored the messages.

I bleed and I heard my deep wisdom. I AM RAGING. I took you to death. I try and ground you every month. Still you 'fight'. Still you won't touch your 'PAIN'. Still you won't hear what I am trying to tell you.

I will floor you. I will stop you. Until you JUST BE. I went to bed on that bleed and slept. And slept. I said I am listening. I said....then we will begin.

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