I got tired of my own bullshit

My name is Sophie. I am a Mother Artist. I stand in my Sovereignty. My journey to Sovereignty has been in my own way. And I am here to empower you to seek your own way too. You have the knowing within you. It begins with listening.

I was tired; of being told how to grow followers, how to exercise, bullshit marketing, what to eat, how to fart, how to paint, how to sleep, how to meditate. I am tired of the imbalance in this world, I am tired of trying to get the proverbial carrot. I am tired of living in a system which incubates self-limiting beliefs. We have forgotten we grew our hearts without thinking, we just did.

My healing has been the most profound journey of my life. The journey within. I am a creative healer and will challenge the way you have come to be, opening you up to step into portal of consciousness. Letting go of who you think you should be and live unapologetically as your authentic self.

We all have a story to share. To be heard. Mainly by ourselves. Who, is buried under the who you have become. My creative healing is here to say; YOU CAN DO IT, whatever IT is you choose to do. Don’t be ruled by grades; Listen to birds not headlines, climb trees not ladders, hand write and distance the type.

Life is a reality to be enjoyed not a problem to be solved.

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