How it came to be

I removed my moon cup. I poured the blood on to the 2 metres of unbleached calico fabric. I watched it run down. Staining it. Dripping into the water. Down the drain. Shame. Absolute shame. What will people think? I don't want to touch it. Why am I feeling so compelled to do this? I will have to hide it! In that instance I became aware of the narrative so many women have carried for bleeding and for being 'other'.

We are all, Made in Womb. We all grow ourselves innately, without thinking. We do. We become. So why when we land earth side does the trust in our self-creation get muted? Why is there so much shame still about menstruation? Why are we so quick to pop a ‘pill’ to hide from it? Why are Mothers, who are life creators, so rare in the Art World?  

What is the truth of Motherhood? Why in the Art World is there an arbitrary judgement;  'you can't be a good Mother and a good Artist? What does that even mean? I am curious what is defined as 'good'. Is my truth 'good'? Is being open about bleeding ok to share with my kids? 

These are just some of the questions I explore in 'Made in Womb'. I am seeking truth about Motherhood and being a Woman with a womb. I claim the Mother Artist badge, I will wear it with pride. I will no longer be complicit in a system which is not inclusive. 

​Join me on my journey by clicking on the Artworks below. My ‘Bleed Blog’ shares my intimate stories from my first bleed, sex with my first boyfriend to touching my blood. 

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