Guided by Honeybees

May 5th 2020. SHIT! A bee had hit my neck and dropped down my top. I kept calm and shook my top and undid my bra.

It dropped out and flew off. I sat and contemplated how extraordinary it was to be sat where I was, at that time, for the honeybee to hit my throat (voice) and drop down to my heart and not sting me.

While my bleed stained fabric was washing in the stream, I spotted the honeybee again. On my fabric. Interesting but didn't think much more of it. Until later when I looked down and next to me, was the honeybee.

What was the message I wondered. Queen Bee, community, creation, sweetness, intuition. I felt there was more. It stayed with me, but nothing came until. 26 June 2020.

A bit of context, before today, the word TOUR has been with me. I have been ignoring it. Until yesterday 25th June. I couldn't ignore it anymore. I voiced it to Tim. I am being called to Glastonbury (not the festival); Monica Sjöö writes about it, my CUNT dish was made there I feel I need to be open to it.

I re-read the Introduction of the Great Cosmic Mother and was reminded Monica had lived in Bristol. What I hadn't taken in before was her experience at Silbury Hill. Swirling excitement began to rise.

Today 26th June 2020. While seeking another chapter in The Great Cosmic Mother, I clocked the word MOUND. I stopped.

Mind blown.

Here is what I discovered. Silbury Hill, situated on the Wiltshire Downs is the largest surviving image of the Goddess from Neolithic Europe. Assemblies of witches gathered on Lammas Eve (1st August) believing their welfare in the coming year depended on the performance of these sacred rites of the Corn Mother, or the Harvest Queen. Wow. I read on......

"Women, as ancient farmers and beekeepers, performed the rites. Glastonbury was probably the enchanted Isle of Avalon. Lands "flowing with milk and honey," eulogised in the Bible as original Edens, were in fact the lands of the Neolithic Goddess. Milk belongs to the Mother, and since women were the first beekeepers, the honeybee has always symbolised Matriarchy."

Monica Sjöö and Barbra Mor.

Listen to the Honeybees. They dance with us and guide us.

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