Pill and SEX SEX SEX

I was ready. A week before I turned 17.

All the girls were on the pill. All I had been told was 'YOU ARE NOT GOING ON THE PILL.' (coming from a mother who was a teenager when she had me!)

Dr's surgery. What if someone sees me. I haven't told Mum. I am going to be in so much trouble if she finds out.

I left with a white bag. 3 packets of Femodene.

On my 17th birthday I will start.

Looking at myself in the mirror. Looking down at my palm. The little sugar coated Pill. So tiny. So life changing. So not understood. I didn't care about the side effects. I just wanted to have sex and not get pregnant.

In a swift palm to mouth action I took down the pill and chased it with a glass of water. Right then. That's it. It's started. I now have power over when I bleed. Let's get this sex show on the road.

8th May 1999. Hannah's 17th Birthday party.

After 9 months with my teenage love we DID IT.

9th May 1999. A warm sunny day. I walked home. I was going to walk into a shit storm at home. I don't care. I had sex! And I LOVED IT.

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