Going backwards

A parent feared their child was going backwards because their spelling and reading wasn't what it had been.

My question is;

'were they ever going forward in the way we have come to believe as FORWARD?'

Is the measurement itself a backward process? Stripping the kids of all they have discovered in self development without the assistance of know it all grown ups. Giving rise to insecurities of their abilities.

What if the way we teach reading and spelling isn't the way for all to discover it?

Have we misplaced the value on learning stuff kids are not yet ready for; ' oh yes little johnny can spell 'discombobulate' at the age of two.'

You've just discombobulated little johnny, congratulations.

Life is a poem, children trust this. Watch them. Life just reveals itself to them. Then we come in an stomp all over it, showing them how we 'THINK' it must be done and they need to start 'THINKING' their way through life.

If kids want to read, they will want read. If they want to write they will want to write. They are curious beings fascinated by the new world around them. These crafts do not need to be forced, for if we do, the joy is then lost. The reward is not in getting a grade or reach a target. The reward comes from the doing and then being able to to do it for you.

Be the light in your childs life. They will mirror you.

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