Exquisite Shame

Now what?

What do I do with this rag?

What did women use to do when they bled? Without access to what we have today? Did they talk about it? Did they use rags? Did they rest? Did they stain their clothes? How did they wash the blood out?

I will date my bleed. I will date my ovulation.

During my ovulation I will purchase the fabric for the next bleed. I will hand wash the fabric from the previous bleed. Dry it on the washing line. Fold it. Wrap it. And how I am guided to use this fabric.

During my bleed I will tune into what I am called to do with my blood. I will make art on the fabric.

If I wash it will the blood stay in the fabric? How do I set blood in fabric?

Do I tell anyone about what I am doing? I feels intimate to me. But I want to tell people. What am I doing this all for? Who even cares? I do.

Let's make it EXQUISITE. Let's feel into the shame. Let's learn from it.

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