Death is hidden in plain sight.

Death is used as a threat to create fear and control.

So many avoid death, causing ourselves pain.

But what does death really mean?

Have you ever met it? Touched it? Held it? Asked of it? Honoured it?

What if death is life? As much as life is death?

I wonder, is it the grief we are more afraid of? So we hold on. Tightly.

Consuming ourselves with gluttonous life, which ironically leads to our death.

If we close our eyes tight enough we won't have to witness it. Yet if you close your eyes death is there. Death is behind the eyes. The space within you. The space behind you.

What if we honoured death in all its glory? What if we opened to the stories of death.

What if we have to die to live?

I am seeking to bring these conversation out in the open. Inviting you to converse and create to heal and then to gift.

To rise, we must rebel. Someone is waiting for you to step into your light. Speak your truth, hold their hand because you dared to hold yours.

Curious for more here is my death talk here; DEATH

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