Dear Soph

Space. Creating space within. In response to your journey 22nd March 2018.

I was full up yesterday. My head couldn’t take anymore. I heard a whisper saying go and grieve for your losses.’

I sat with my great grand mother’s thread, two little fish made by Bee, my Cunt dish gifted to me from Jenna and the women she gathered with, a stone and a pair of scissors.

I held the thread to my belly button. I opened my heart to my mystical great grandmother and welcomed the intense wave of emotions flood my body. My throat. My belly. It rose and rose. Noises came from within.

I bound my fingers in the thread and held them with a prayer of love, forgiveness, apologies and gratitude.

I heard a voice say, cut the thread. Cut it. Poised with the scissors and thread touching all I was saying goodbye to to open up to the space within. I felt it deep. Deep in my being. The ash of what was. The blood of what is to be.

My eyes landed on Bees gifts. The little fishes. Pisces. Water. Flow. I noticed two little holes. ‘Thread the thread through the holes. When you cut the thread you will have new life again.’

I threaded. I held. I threaded. I held. I held.....I held.....I held. And then.







I spotted the number 10 on the spool of thread the number 10.

A divine number. A number I investigated. Here is what it said;

A return to fusion. Of being and non being. 10 denotes a completion of a cycle. 10 reduces to 1. Independence. I thought of the Heron. Heron medicine is of solitude. The heron invites you to ground within yourself. How to become comfortable in uncertain situations. Seeking unconventional ways to be self-reliant and productive. Finding things that bring you love and they will pay.

We are surrounded by so much more than we see. I know you know that. too are Sophie.

My abundant love to you.

Sophie x

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