Do you feel lack?

I did! At the beginning of 2020 I had all I thought I wanted. Yet I felt a deep sense of lack. I did all the enlightened people tell you to do to rise above it, be grateful for 3 things each day, but I just couldn't feel abundant by following these steps. So I asked myself why am I feeling such lack?

'You gotta meet ALL your lack', this was the invitation from my wisdom.

So I did. I went there. I sunk down to my depths, to chisel off the chains which were choking my abundant soul. While I was down there it got me wondering;

Does our system incubate a sense of lack from the off?

Lack of self worth

Lack of self discovery

Lack of wisdom

Lack of self belief

Lack of abundance

Lack of life

Lack of instinct

Lack of intuition

Lack of values

Lack of creativity

Lack of stillness

Lack of boundaries

Lack of purpose

If as a child you were witnesses for all you are, who you truly felt you were at that time before them confused adults got their hands on you and muddled you up too, do you end up fulfilling the life of lack.

I can't write

I can't draw

I can't afford that

I can't find love

I can't travel the world

I can't start a business

I can't work with others

I can't be creative

I can't love my self

I can't be still

I can't see who I actually am

I can't let go of all the shit I was loaded up with because it is all I have come to know.

Perhaps you end up living an apologetic life, not wanting to take up space, putting all your value on money to solve the lack you lack. Your lack of purpose, your lack of you.

How has this enforced way of educating, nurtured you to grow into who you were born to be?

Constantly being measured against others and the invisible 'NORM'. Average is fucking abstract. Ignore AVERAGE and measuring yourself.

You are not an object to be measured. You are a human-being to GROW.

And all this does, is leave you feeling like you don't fit in that teeny tiny fucking tick box, that some dude in a suit created, based on their own sense of lack.

So blow the bloody tick box up and be you, be fucking awesome. If you were born to be a street cleaner be the wisest, proudest, happiest, brightest street cleaner there is.

There is no lack in that.

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